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Common Pests an Exterminator in Sacramento Can Deal With

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There are several different types of pests which come most commonly to ordinary homes and create plenty of problems. Our Sacramento pest control specialists can help resolve problems with any of the following creatures. 

Ants: There are many different species of ants that CA, the most common of which are Argentinean.

Spiders: Arachnids have eight legs and build webs in or around homes & buildings. The most common poisonous spider is the female Black Widow.

Rodents: The most common are Field Mice & the Norway Rat. 

Cockroaches: These come in different sizes, shapes, & colors. Common in California are the American, German and Oriental Roaches. 

Bees & Wasps: These are flying insects that if provoked, can be aggressive & even deadly. The most common in CA, are the Honey Bee, Yellow Jacket, & Paper Wasps. 

Fleas: Cat fleas, common pests on cats and dogs. Fleas on either cats or dogs in California are most likely cat fleas

These are just a few of the pests that a professional exterminator in Sacramento can help you eliminate. We specialize in rodent control in Sacramento to help uncover infestation of rats, mice and other rodents. No matter what creature it is that plagues your home or business the experts at Pioneer Pest Control will take care of the infestation. We will swiftly inspect your property to identify the unwelcome visitors and develop a plan to remove them as soon as possible. Give us a call today if you are concerned over the creatures on your property. 

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